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Easter fun!

Happy Easter and enjoy all your goodies! Guess what there is a right way to eat

your bunnies! Chocolate bunnies should be eaten ears first and 76 percent of

Americans do it that way. Five percent said bunnies should be eaten feet first, while 4

percent favor eating the tail first. And adults overwhelmingly prefer milk

chocolate (65 percent), to dark chocolate (27 percent).

Americans consume around 16 billion jellybeans at Easter. If all the

Easter jellybeans were lined end to end, they would circle the globe nearly

three times. Children indicate their favorite Easter jellybean flavors are

cherry (20 percent), strawberry (12 percent), grape (10 percent), lime (7

percent), and blueberry (6 percent). Hippity Hop Hop Hop!

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Take a moment!

Let's take a moment to reflect on a momennt!

Technically, a "moment" is 90 seconds. Seriously, who knew. I love this - 90 seconds. Good to know. Moment is in the 1398 Oxford English Dictionary, and it says there are 40 moments in an hour . . . so that's 90 seconds per moment. But obviously the definition has evolved to just mean "a short amount of time."

So there you go - please at least take a few moments for yourself today!
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Dirt isn't that dirty!

Six Things You Think Are Filthy That Aren't

Here's some good news. There's a bunch of stuff you've always considered to be cesspools of FILTH that actually don't have very many germs at all. Here are six things that made the list . . .

1. Coins. Coins are made of metal. But copper, nickel, and silver don't support germ life . . . they POISON it. Germs actually DIE if they try to live on coins.

2. Toilets. Get this: Scientists say there's 200 times more fecal matter on CUTTING BOARDS than on toilets. Apparently that's because people are more likely to clean their toilet.

3. Your dog's slobber. Humans are way dirtier than dogs. And dog slobber has antibacterial stuff in it.

4. Doorknobs. People are so freaked out about picking up germs from doorknobs in public restrooms, they don't touch them that much. The knobs on the way IN are way worse than the ones on the way out.

5. Trashcans. Basically, if you line your trashcan with plastic and keep it dry, it's not all that dirty. Germs need moisture to survive.

6. Actual DIRT. Unless there's a bunch of POOP in it, the dirt in your backyard is perfectly safe.
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It's not airplane food's fault!

Science Has Figured Out Why Airplane Food Never Tastes Good

This is going to ruin a lot of hacky stand-up comedy acts. Science has finally answered the age-old question, "What's the deal with airline food?"

Turns out scientists have figured out an actual reason food on an airplane tastes BLANDER than other food . . . and it has nothing to do with the food itself.

One, once you get up into high altitudes, your senses DULL . . . and the first one that goes is your sense of taste. So at 35,000 feet in the air, NOTHING can taste quite like it would when you're on the ground.

The airplane also has lower humidity, which dries out your nose and dulls your sense of smell. Since smell is so important to enjoying food, that's another reason the food tastes worse.

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Napping will kill you!

If You Take Naps, You're Going to Die. Seriously then I'm a gonner!

Here's something brand new to worry about. Next time you sneak in a quick nap on the couch . . . or curl up in a supply closet at work . . . it means you're GOING TO DIE SOON.

Researchers at Cambridge University in England just published the results of a 13-year study of more than 16,000 people . . . and they found people who regularly take naps are much more likely to DIE YOUNG.

People who take naps are almost 33% more likely to die before age 65 than people who don't.

The main reason is people who nap are about twice as likely to die from a respiratory illness.

Now, obviously we're kind of goofing on the results here . . . because do people who nap a lot develop breathing problems? Or do undiagnosed breathing problems make people tired and want to take naps? The researchers aren't sure.

Their big recommendation is if you find yourself taking a ton of naps, it's worth going to a doctor to get yourself checked out . . . you could have an undiagnosed breathing problem.
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French People Rule!

France Made It Illegal to Check Your Work Email After 6:00 P.M.

Doesn't this sound good - Lol we crazy American's could never do this!

Earlier this week, we heard that Sweden is testing out a six-hour workday. And here's one more piece of news to DEPRESS you while you slug through the rest of your Friday.

In France, they just passed a new law BANNING employees from checking their work email after 6:00 P.M., or before 9:00 A.M. And it's not just a suggestion . . . it's actually ILLEGAL for employees to do it now.

Back in 1999, France implemented a 35-hour workweek. But smartphones have pushed it closer to 40 hours again, because everyone checks their email from home. And apparently French workers are FED UP WITH IT.

According to the new law, employees also can't look at anything work-related on their computer between 6:00 P.M. and 9:00 A.M. either. Although, it's not clear how they'll enforce any of it.

And apparently this is now a TREND in Europe. Because Germany passed a similar law last year.
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Tip Big!

Six Things That Make You Tip Better

Who knew?

There are a bunch of things that make you tip better that AREN'T related to good service. Scientists figured out six things that can cause you to give your server more money:

1. If they touch you. Scientists did a study, and customers who got touched on the shoulder or hand for about a second when the check came tipped the MOST.

2. If they're blonde. Blondes receive way better tips than servers with any other hair color.

3. If they draw a smiley face on the check. It only works if your server is a woman though. If a guy does it, the tip actually goes DOWN.

4. If they wear something in their hair. This one doesn't work for guys either. Apparently, waitresses get way better tips from men AND women when they've got flowers, barrettes, or some other ornament in their hair.

5. If they crouch next to the table. Tips go up a lot if servers do this because it creates better eye contact and you feel closer to them.

6. If they wear red. Again, this is just a factor for women. Men tip waitresses in red way more for some reason.

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Don't say this to your boss - ever!

Seven Things You Should Never Say to Your Boss

So "Entrepreneur" magazine came up with a list of seven things you should NEVER say to your boss:

1. "How do I do that?" If you don't know how to do something, don't worry about it. Not right away, anyway. Just say you're on it . . . you can figure out how later.

2. "I don't have the time." No one does. So make time, and bump your lowest priority a little lower.

3. "No." This one's self-explanatory.

4. "I'm going to HR." If you have a problem with your boss, find someone who's equal to them or higher up. Forget about HR.

5. "It wasn't me, it was that other person." Pointing fingers is weak.

6. "So-and-so's an idiot".

7. "Take this job and shove it." Not that anyone would ever put it that way . . . but the point is: Quit professionally. Don't burn bridges.

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Don't date a guy named Wayne or a girl named Ashley!

Guys Named Wayne Are Most Likely to Cheat on You - and girls Named Ashley! (Who knew)!

There's a very strange connection between the name WAYNE and serial killers. There are dozens of murderers and serial killers with the first or middle name Wayne . . . and no one's quite sure why.

Well, here's ANOTHER black mark on the name Wayne.

A new study found guys named Wayne are the most likely to CHEAT on you.

The rest of the top 20 biggest cheater names are: Liam, Ryan, Matt, Craig, Steve, Scott, Dean, Mark, Lee . . .

Harry, Ashley, Nick, Daniel, John, Sean, Darrell, Tom, James, and Jack.

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You could have been somebody - oh you ARE!

This is so inspiring! You can be anything you want to be!

"Life & Style"
magazine has put together a list of "Six Stars Who Got Their Start as Backup Singers and Dancers" . . . and it includes: Columbus Short, Mariah Carey, Sheryl Crow and Jennifer Lopez.

"Life & Style" magazine has put out a list of "Six Stars Who Got Their Start as Backup Singers and Dancers." Here are the ones they came up with:

1. "Scandal" Star Columbus Short was a backup dancer for Britney Spears in the early-2000s. He once said they also SLEPT TOGETHER, but didn't have sex because there was someone else in the room. They just "kissed and hugged."
2. Channing Tatum's now-wife Jenna Dewan-Tatum was a backup dancer for 'N Sync in the early-2000s. And rumor has it she might have had something to do with Justin Timberlake and Britney Spears splitting up.
3. Mariah Carey was a backup singer for Brenda K. Starr in the late-'80s. Brenda reportedly helped launch Mariah's career by passing her demo tape around.
4. "Glee" star Heather Morris was a backup dancer for Beyoncé about seven years ago.
5. Sheryl Crow was a backup singer for Michael Jackson in the late-'80s. And she had some MAJOR '80s hair going on at the time.
6. Jennifer Lopez was a backup dancer for New Kids on the Block in the early-'90s.

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Cleaning sucks!

Five Ways to Speed Clean Your Bathroom

This is good news because I really do hate cleaning. What a time suck! So if you can do it quick - that's the key.

So if guests are coming over and you're in a hurry, here are five ways to fake people into thinking it's spotless:


1. Poor bleach in the toilet. Give it a quick couple of scrubs, and then flush after five minutes.

2. Get a damp paper towel and hit any obvious smudges you see on the floor, sink or mirror.

3. Put out a couple of fresh hand towels.

4. Shake out your rug and fluff it up so it looks freshly vacuumed.

5. Protect yourself against snoopers. Pull the shower curtain shut and tuck towels on top of stuff in your drawers in case they get opened.

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It's a Kinky thing!

Was John Mayer Having Kinky Sex With Kelly Monaco Behind Katy Perry's Back? What? Please tell me this isn't true!

The word is that KATY PERRY dumped JOHN MAYER because he was fooling around with "General Hospital" minx KELLY MONACO behind her back.

And this wasn't just typical nanana. These two were trying to break records.

A source says, quote, "[Kelly] was open to the things that John's into, like sexy toys, tying each other up and threesomes. He couldn't get enough . . . He would text her and try and get her to meet him either at his place in L.A. or a hotel out in the Valley."

It all blew up when Katy found the texts. The source says, quote, "She was devastated and realized he's a sex fiend who isn't capable of telling the truth."

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