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"Mix Green Files - Audio Archive"
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Reduce Environmental Impact of Having a Pet
Make Cleaning More Green
The Kitchen isn't the Only Place to Recycle
"Going Green"
Make Your Next Construction Project Green
Challenge Yourself to be Litter-Less!
Recycle or Donate Old Cell Phones
Be the Green Change You Want to See in the World
Pollinating Animals
Give a Green Gift!
Be Green and Save Trees
Be An Eco-Tourist!
Save Energy with Reusable Water Bottles
4th of July Beach Clean-up
Green Party Planning Tips
Make Ocean Friendly Seafood Choices
Water Your Plants at Night
Tips to Conserve Water Around the House
Read the labels on your beauty products
Be Green When Remodeling Your Kitchen
Make Cinco de Mayo a Green Fiesta
Be Green When Using the Dishwasher
Donate Old Clothes Rather Than Donating
Cut Down on Plastic Pollution
Grow a Beautiful Garden with Compost!
Think Green When Planting
Winter is One of the Best Times to Plant
Use Motion Sensors to Save Energy
Lower Your Thermostat to Save Energy and Money
Eco-Friendly Candles
"Green" Chocolate
Buy organic roses for your Valentine
Think electronically to be green and eco-friendly at the office
Use plastic picnic ware that can easily be cleaned and reused at a future outing
When buying clothing think eco-friendly.
Simplify your life and home for the New Year
Want to make a green New Year’s resolution?
When wrapping gifts for the holidays get creative and be green
Pad your packages with green alternatives
Go for solar-powered lights or LED lights
The initial higher price of LED lights more than pays off in energy savings
Reduce the environmental impact of having a pet without compromising their care
When grocery shopping try implementing a few simple strategies
It’s easy to make cleaning more green
You have the power to reduce energy demand
A home energy assessment looks at how much energy your home consumes
When buying new carpet make sure to buy from a company that recycles
Being earth-friendly doesn’t have to cost you any money
Set up a recycling system in your office!
You have the power to reduce the amount of trash your family creates