07:17pm PDT, 03/29/15

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Hey! I'm Marc, the Middday guy.  A lot of DJ's write these things in the 3rd person but I won't put you through that.  Also, the number 1 question for radio bio's is "Why did you get into radio?"  Well, I think my Dad being a Jock for a brief stint in South Lake Tahoe had something to do with it.  I remember listening to tapes of him as a kid and I thought it was so cool.  Then, in Jr. High I would make mix tapes for girls that I had a crush on.  Other guys did the same thing, but I actully talked on the tapes in between the songs. 

A little more about me:  I grew up in the East Bay in Newark, Go Cougars!  I love dogs, my good girl's name is Roxy.  I'm a big baseball and soccer fan.  I'm an A's fan, but married into a Giants family, so I've grown to be ok with them.  I love anything tech, so I love working in the heart of the Silicon Valley. I'm a hardcore foodie.  I'll eat anything!  Seriously!  My favorite place in the world is Lake Tahoe.  And when I'm not listening to Mix music, I'm a huge fan of electronic dance music.  

So, let's be friends.  My facebook link is above and you should always feel free to email me. 

Here's me in the studio wearing my A's hat for good luck.

Here's my dog Roxy...she's a huge Ellie Goulding fan.