1 in 5 People Say They Aren’t As Confident With Their Driving Skills These Days Because Of The Quarantine

Since most of us have staying at home during the big quarantine, chances are we haven’t done much driving these days.

But since things are re-opening up again, more cars are slowly getting back out on the road.

Everyone was already pretty terrible at driving before and now people can be a bit WORSE now on the road.

According to a brand new survey, one in five people admit that their driving skills aren’t as good as they used to be.

Here are the most driving mistakes people have been making lately:

  1. Stalling.
  2. Struggling to parallel park.
  3. Forgetting to signal. (Yes, shockingly people even got worse at this!)
  4. Scraping their own wheels against the curb.
  5. Needed to think what the purpose of each pedal is.

It’s 2020 people, don’t forget to use your turn signals!

Story via DailyMirror.co.uk

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