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10 Ways People Get Extra Money This Holiday Season

The most wonderful time of year is here and it CAN get EXPENSIVE!

Purchasing gifts for people you love can cost you A LOT of money.

To help you get extra cash this holiday season, a new survey asked people what they do to gather extra money for trips, food, presents and other things that cost you a lot of money during the holiday season.

Here are the top 10 ways people shared,

  1. Working extra shifts at work – 33%
  2. Opening a store credit card – 31%
  3. Getting a second / part-time job – 31%
  4. Working on a side hustle – 29%
  5. Using less heat & electricity – 29%
  6. Opening a new credit card – 29%
  7. Cutting back on going out to eat – 27%
  8. Talking to your significant other about not getting each other presents – 27%
  9. Taking public transportation – 26%
  10. Skipping a trip/vacation – 25%

How are you saving or earning extra cash this holiday season?

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