Many celebrities have been doing their part by donating, protesting, sharing resources and more in regards to the human rights issue we fighting right now.

Here’s six celebs and what they’ve been up to during protests from this past week:

Elmo not only helped kids, but also helped everyone understand racism with a town hall meeting called, “Standing Up to Racism.”

John Boyega delivered a powerful speech during a protest in London.

Michael Jordan and his brand pledges to donate $100 million to the Black Lives Matter movement over the next 10 years.

K-POP Group BTS + Big Hit Entertainment have also donated $1 million to Black Lives Matter.

Michael B. Jordan recently spoke at a rally in Los Angeles, calling Hollywood to invest in Black staff and storytellers.

Serena Williams’ partner, Alexis Ohanian is one of the co-founders of Reddit. He recently resigned from the board and is asking for the company to fill his spot with a Black person.

If you’d like to help us stand together to help end racism, hate, biogtry and violence click here for links and resources.

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