Let’s be real, it’s been pretty difficult to find joy in things this year.

A new poll found that 90% of us ALL AGREE that we just need more joy in the world these days.

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So where can you find it?

According to the survey, here are five simple ways you can find joy right this second!

  1. Family dinners. 61%
  2. Spending time outside. 60%
  3. Watching your favorite TV show/movie. 58%
  4. Receiving a hug from friends or a loved one. 58%
  5. Listening to one of your favorite songs. 55%

Another way to keep that joy around is to surround yourself with positive people and talking to friends and family who bring us joy.

Because of shelter-in-place, many of us have been reading, taking walks and spending time with our immediate family A LOT MORE than before.

Many of us have also been ZOOM/Video chatting our loved ones more than before & plan on continuing to do so once the pandemic is over.

What has brought you joy lately?

Read more about the survey at PRNewswire.com

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