A 100-Dollar Bloody Mary?
A bloody mary cocktail is sitting on a 3D checkerboard table with a dark wood bench seat and white tile wall. The drink has a lime and an olive sitting on the top. The drink is back lit and made with ice. the sides of the drink are sweating with condensation. There is a 3D patter on the table is cream colored and makes 3D cubes. A bloody marry is a drink made with vodka, tomato sauce, pepper, and tabasco. This close up photo of the bloody marry is horizontal with space on the left side. Would be great for white text. Feelings about brunch and going to restaurants.

A new overloaded Bloody Mary is making headlines and in my hometown….

“The Benjamin” is served at The Ben, a boutique hotel in downtown West Palm Beach, Florida.

The mega-sized drink is a traditional Bloody Mary loaded with so many toppings that it costs 100 dollars!

The traditional celery stick has been traded in for sushi rolls, lamb chops, lobster tails, and other delicacies, so you can have your drink and eat it too.

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