Adele has big plans for 2023.

While the singer was on the Graham Norton Show, she was asked about her beleaguered Las Vegas Residency show.

“I tried my hardest, right? I really thought I would be able to put something else together, you know, in time. And that was why it was so last minute, which, you know, I regret, obviously”

Famously, Adele had to cancel the dates beginning in January when conflicts arose during the rehearsal process.

“It just wasn’t ready. And there were lots of reasons why – there were COVID – you know, delays with pieces of the show. There were some things that weren’t gonna be arriving until the day of the show!”

She did say she wasn’t quite ready to announce any specific dates for the residency to return, because she wanted everything to be ready.

And while the possibility of her Residency returning in 2022 is becoming increasingly unlikely…

She’s adamant it will happen in 2022.

Because she’s already looking to 2023.

“They’re absolutely happening this year. Yes. I want a baby next year.”

With that, Adele made a sort of wry laugh, and while Graham looked immediately taken-aback, she reiterated:

“I have plans next year! I have plans! Imagine if I have to cancel a show because I’m having a baby.”

Now, one could say Adele is flat out joking about the baby thing, but she appears to be extremely earnest about the show going on this year.

Adele’s been very open about the strength of her relationship with Rich Paul, which is believed to have begun some time around July 2021, when the two of them were spotted at a basketball game.

They’ve been extremely low-profile over the past year.

So much so, that when rumors started to spread about potential rockiness in the relationship…

She immediately quashed them with a single tweet:

Flash forward to the Brit Awards, when Adele appeared onstage sporting a very large diamond ring.

Which immediately sparked engagement rumors.

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