The Aunt Jemima brand has been around for 130 years… and now it’s coming to an end.

On Wednesday, Quaker Oats announced that they will be rebranding their popular syrup and pancake brand, Aunt Jemima.

The company said they will be scrapping the name due to its origins that were based on a “racist stereotype.”

It’s been shown that “Aunt Jemima” is a Black woman who originally dressed as a minstrel character and was likely based on actual woman, Nancy Green who was born into slavery.

Quaker has released this statement about the change,

“As we wok to make progress toward racial equality through several intiatives, we also must take a look at our portfolio of brands and ensure they reflect our values and meet our consumers’ expectations.”

The change isn’t going to happen overnight, by Aunt Jemima will be gone sometime by the end of the year.

No word yet on what the company will be naming the brand next.

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