Airplane Etiquette! Keep the Peace With These Simple Acts
São Paulo, Brazil - January 17, 2018: People waiting to board the plane.

Summer travel has been busy and you really can’t get anywhere with things running perfectly smooth – but, there are a few things that will keep the peace and make everyone’s flight better.  Frequent Flyers have shared “flying etiquette”  for either people who are having their first flying experience, or people that just haven’t figured it out yet.  We should all know and practice these things:

#1 – Take off your jewelry before going through security (belts, etc.)

#2 – After walking through security with your shoes off, don’t stand in the way. Take your shoes to a designated bench to get everything together.

#3 Have your boarding pass ready BEFORE you approach the gate

#4 Check behind you before reclining your seat

#5 The person in the middle seat gets BOTH armrests

#6 Make sure other passengers are in the mood to chat before you strike up a conversation (if they have headphones on, they don’t want to talk.)

#7 KEEP YOUR SHOES ON AT ALL TIMES (I’m still traumatized from a horrific UGG situation.)

#8 Don’t let your kids kick the seat in front of them

#9 Practice good hygiene. Shower and wear deodorant

#10 When getting off the plane, don’t crowd the aisle.  It’s faster AND polite for everyone to get off row by row.


Happy and Safe Travels! ✈️