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Amazon has been a hub where Beyhivers could get exclusive Renaissance tour merchandise, even without attending Beyoncé’s tour. Now, a new drop is on the way, with people on the edge of their seats.

Amazon Music’s September 12, 2023, tweet has people wondering. With bee emojis and a 20-second video, the post also included a banner that read: “This a reminder,” a lyric from her hit song, “Cozy.”

The video’s title was “AM_FLIPBOOK_TEASER_1x1_v1.mp4.” The comment section quickly discussed what a ‘flipbook’ was. The post’s caption read: “DROP 4.0 LOADING.” The “Drop” series is Beyoncé’s exclusive online collection of tour merchandise with Amazon. The collection was split into three drops, with the new post being a fourth drop.

Drop 1.0 had premium tees, sweatshirts, pants, and a lithograph-style poster with Renaissance artwork. Drop 2.0 added custom graphic tees and an exclusive sticker pack with unique designs. Drop 3.0 added hoodies, a tote bag, a cap, and a tee with Renaissance World Tour iconography.

Items até differed from those at tour venues, making this online collaboration a special treat for fans worldwide. Drop 4.0 will explore a new version of Beyoncé’s theme.


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