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Apparently Brushing Your Teeth, Flossing and Using Mouthwash Should Be Done In This Order

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Are you brushing your teeth, flossing, and using mouthwash in the correct order?

Probably not.

Now before you disagree, here us out.

According to dentists, there is a right way to clean your teeth and the order you choose to clean them in matters too.

One woman on TikTok shared video of how to clean teeth the “right” way.

Most of us tend to brush first, then floss and end our brushing cycle with mouthwash.

But apparently, the right way is the OPPOSITE of that.

Here’s the correct order:

  1. Start off by rinsing with mouthwash first. You want fluoride from your toothpaste to stay on your teeth to prevent tooth decay. If you use mouthwash last, you’re washing away the fluoride!
  2. Floss.
  3. Brush your teeth last! If you brush before you floss, some food particles might still be in your mouth.

See the viral TikTok hack below!


I seriously had a root canal on Monday and he’s just now sharing this info #dentalhygiene #husbandsecret #todaywelearned

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Will you be changing the way you brush your teeth?

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