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There’s nothing like an afternoon at the public pool! ⛱

Instead of DNCE’s “Cake by the Ocean” it’s Young Jeffrey’s “Bake With Some Lotion!”

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Lets go…

Dive into some Water that’s communal
Cool our bodies in the public pool, yo
We’ll float around like babies still in utero… It’s Beautiful!

Way over Capacity, the bathroom is a Tragedy (huh!)
Pool water is close to green, looks more like a Tolkien Scene (ahhh)
Dip your toe in Dandily, to the Broth of Humanity
Jump in, landed Awkwardly, Swim trunks sliding off of Me!

Turn Flip 180
While swimmin’ past the sun bathin’ ladies (uh-oh!)
I stroke like Michael Phelps, recreated!
Ay ya ya ya ya ya…. keep on floatin, straight motorboatin’
Child keeps appearing
The water Feels so warm when I’m near him, (uh-oh!)
He swam out here to crop dust the deep end!
AY-I I I I I, Need some soaping… hope the pool shower’s open! (ah!)

Spray Tan!
Dude lookin’ more Orange than a cone can
From that Speedo, I would say He’s From France
Got more Private viewings than at Sundance, Sundance…

My towel’s Upon the Seat, to reserve that spot for me (huh!)
Came back, I’m in Disbelief, My Chair stolen by a thief!? (ahhh)
Pool side With the elderly, splashin’ grandma Penelope! (huh!)
Ninety-Three In her Bikini, Like a prune in a two piece…

Lifeguard won’t save me
He’s Looking like he’s ten or twelve maybe (uh-oh!)
Like Baywatch with a cast full of Babies!
AY YA YA YA YA YA… Whistle Blowing, cuz he Hates when you Run Around
Water is hazy…
Open my eyes & they burn like crazy, (uh-oh!)
Now something in my mouth, isn’t tasty…
AY YA YA YA YA YA… Baid-Aid Floatin, Gaggin’ & Chokin’ (ugh!)

Oooo, a-haaa!
Ay Ya Ya Ya Ya Ya, Pirate Calling, Straight Cannonballin! (Yuh)!
Oooo, a-haaa!
Ay Ya Ya Ya Ya Ya…Couples Brawling, Chicken Fighters Fallin’ (ah)!

“Ladies & Gentleman, I need you all to stop what you’re doing, and listen… CANNONBALL!”


Pool’s getting wavy
With toys & Water guns that can spray Me (uh-oh!)
More Noodles than a pot of Bolonesge!
Ay Ya Ya Ya Ya Ya… No Heat Strokin, straight Super Soaking
Float, if you’re Lazy
I Lay back on my big, big inflatable swan!
Rub Oil onto my Skin… Pasty, Pasty!
AY YA YA YA YA YA…I’ll be Toasting, Bake, with some Lotion on!

In Summer, the water is Where I Come Alive!
My Soulmate’s a Mermaid, made Ariel My Wife

I’m Climbing the ladder, High up to Take a Dive!
Jaws are Dropping, the Sound of Belly Flopping (ahh!)