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Jeffrey wasn’t going to let a sore throat ruin his MARIO DAY song! Instead of Miley Cyrus’ “Flowers” it’s Young Jeffrey’s “Battle With Bowser!”

It’s a me… Mario
Trudging down this Rainbow Road
My a-Life, is absurd
Girlfriend always gets captured,

She’s, beggin me to rescue…
I’m a gettin’ tired!
Peach’s Royal bodyguards should all be fired!

Now, I gotta fight Bowser
And his whole Koopa Clan!?
Summon my Flower-y powers
Commit some Mild arson

And i’ll be hunting for Money
Down the sewers of this Land!
It’s my 40 Year Financial Plan

Coin Collector,
Septic Tank Prospector, Baby!
Gutter Pipe descender
Future one percenter

Let’s a go! Stomp on Heads,
Like my hat, these streets run red
Goomba tears, will be Shed…
Mario Party, once their dead!

Now, I didn’t wanna murder!
I didn’t wanna Fight!
But steal away my girl, and I’ll de-shell you right!

I’m not your Average Plumber
I Punch thru Bricks, with my hands,
I’ve put more turtles asunder,
Than any plastic straw can!

I’ve done more Magic Mushrooms!
Than the entire “Burning Man”!
And now a talking Toadstool is my… Best Friend.

I’ll go & get her,
Grab just one more treasure, baby,
Then gone forever
On to big & better, baby
I wanna proctect her
Bought her a Ring Camera, Baby
It didn’t matter,
Still, she got recaptured, baby

Is Peach really worth It?
The timing’s never right,
Princess Zelda DM’d me, so i just might…

Leave the Princess to Bowser!
She’s too high Maintenance!
Jump on to Tinder for hours
And Swipe on Ms. Pac-Man

We’ll Uber home on my Yoshi!
While I, 1-Up the Romance!
Your Italian Play Boy Man
You’re my Nintendo Game Boy stan!
Let’s Begin!

I’m lookin’ dapper,
Kart’s been moving Faster, baby
Overalls are Spattered,
My moustache could attract Miss Daisy,
I’m the Koopa whacker
Tag Team with my bro Luigi,
Michael Jordan’s madder
Jealous, cuz my jumps are crazy!

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