Now that all meetings are done on Zoom…

You’re probably noticing a pattern.

For one, the first 25-35 minutes is spent trying to make sure everyone is connected, and that everyone can hear who needs to be heard.

With 5 minutes being devoted to the actual meeting.

This is usually about as productive as they go.

But it may be getting a whole lot better.

According to Business Insider, The Sweet Farm in Half Moon Bay is giving your company the option to spice up your next Zoom meeting.

With an “Animal Ambassador”

Such as Paco the Llama…


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OMG! A-PACO-LIPS! Paco hopes you are all staying healthy, safe and in your homes.

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Or Martin the Lamb…

Or Juno the Goat!

All of these animals can take you on a virtual tour, or join your meeting for a special cameo in your Zoom call.

They’re calling it “Goat 2 Meeting

And since it launched a few weeks ago, they’ve received hundreds of requests.

The best part?

All of the proceeds raised will go to the care of the animals!

So it’s win-win!

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