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500lb Bear Terrorizes Tahoe Neighborhoods

Tahoe may need to grin and bear it.

You may think the problem is Ursinine, but it’s not going away.

Okay, that’s enough with the Bear puns.

Maybe a cub-ble more.

According to SFGate, an unwieldy neighbor has been terrorizing the peaceful “Tahoe Keys” gated community.

His name is “Hank the Tank” and he’s a 500lb black bear.

He’s “extremely habituated” and doesn’t fear people, so about 33 homes have been broken into.

And he’s showing no signs of putting his rampage on paws.

Authorities are embarrassed to say they’re not sure how to stop him.

And neighbors aren’t pleased.

“They’re being inundated with aggressive callers, taking away from their ability to handle actual emergency calls.”

SFGate notes Hank’s growing fanbase has taken to to petition the authorities bearing down on Hank to take it easy.

The South Lake Tahoe police have been quick to explain, they’ve no plans to bring him to bear.

“Our local wildlife agencies are working together to find the best option for Hank. No one wants to see him euthanized. They are searching for an option that will be good for Hank’s mental/physical health, and the safety of our local residents.”

Whatever happens to Hank, we’ll need to bear in mind:

He’s only hunting for his bear necessities.

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