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Artificial Intelligence can sure do a lot, but can it write a parody song better than Young Jeffrey?

Instead of Carrie Underwood’s “Before He Cheats” it’s Young Jeffrey’s “Before He Chats!”

Right now, a student’s on their laptop,
Tryin’ to write an essay, but the topic is a doozy…

Right now, a mom is with her kid,
who asked where babies come from, and she brought up their Jacuzzi?

Right now, a guy is stressin out, to find the right words
To DUMP his GIRL in a TEXT Convo
without sounding too cold…

So he logged his questions on the site of this clever little limitless new A.I.
Answers flow, like Robot Poetry
He’s been using it to get to his life advice,
Like a Cyborg Yoda, it’s so damn Wise!
My Marriage Vows written by ChatGPT

Right now, there’s probably some Hollywood,
Washed up Producer tryin’ to manifest a movie…

Typed out, an action thriller script with Brad & Angelina back together fighting Nazis!?

Downtown! There’s probably some Criminal suspect Guy,
talking with the po-po… he’s searchin’ on his phone

As he types a prompt onto the site saying: “dig me up a list of 10 alibis”
A.I. questions his Morality
And at the UN Summit, held in Dubai
Wrote the President’s Speech in Record Time!
Afterwards they Declared… Total World Peace

Well is it Human or Computer? Really Can’t Tell!
Maybe these lyrics, that I sing…
Were written by a machine???
Mmmm… making jokes in binary
And I was Like: “01?..01101!” (LAUGH)

I took my Alexa off the wire, tossed her antiquated butt in a bonfire!
Right alongside my Walkman & DVDs…
I asked Siri if the weather would have Sunshine?
She’s like: “Sorry, didn’t get that” 8 Straight Times!
Never Thunk the Thoughts they Think, on ChatGPT

How much Longer til the World’s, Just like Wall-E?
It’s ChatGPT
Oh No…

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