There’s always one house on the block that goes ALL OUT decorating for Halloween. Instead of Yung Gravy’s “Betty” it’s Young Jeffrey’s “Better Get Bloody”



Wait until the kids show up,
Right before the sun goes down,
Trick or Treat around this town…
(Go to Elm Street, Baby)


Uh, Ay
Every Halloween, I got candy bars to pass out,
We the Haunted Mansion, in a Subdivision track house
Like a spooky MiraLax, Gonna scare the crap out
Got the decorations, make a granny wanna black out


Gonna set the tone, with the fogging machines,
Blowin’ so much smoke, Snoop’s jealous of me,
Barber shop chair, is a bit obscene
French haircut, with a Guillotine!


Always got one dumb neighbor trying to meddle,
Callin’ 911, cuz I made ‘em feel unsettled
Did we overdo it? Well, maybe just a little…
Pool of Blood, I swear it’s Artificial


So you think your house can top it?
Stop It! (No! No!)
I got Real Wooden Coffins
Grave Robbing


Feelin’ like a Tinder bro,
Cuz I’m gettin’ so much ghosts!
Make it like a vampire’s toast,
Nice & Bloody!


Hittin’ up the costume shops,
Got all the Home Depot props
All I know, we’ll kill this (whoa!)
Like Ted Bundy


Dead Mummies!
I left a couple Floating Demons…
Hung from Trees!


Big Skeletons shine bright,
In the Black Light, playing “Thriller” All night!
My ghost lawn, giving you a big fright,
More white hooded figures than the ALT RIGHT
That’s a scary sight!


My neighbors on the Block, All thinkin’ that I’m crazy!
They got Devil Dogs, but mine’ll give you rabies!
People say my yard’s, like the River into Hades
These are not Intestines, it’s Spaghetti Bolognese’s


Damn, neighbor, you malicious (Oh)
Made your Porch, Sacreligious
Bring a Priest, it’s “Exorcist”-ish
Cannibals say It’s Delicious!


I Don’t do No plastic skulls,
I Don’t do inflatables,
I just wanna turn your souls
Into Puddy


Little bit of limbs got lost,
Little Bit of Chainsaw Exhaust!
Little Freddy Kruger’s (whoa!)
And Some Chucky


(Get Bloody!) Get Bloody,
Got the Kids ALL Running, everybody

(They Scream MOMMY! Whoa!)
Hey! Where are you going?


(Get Bloody!) These Mummies,
Make your Pants Feel Muddy, everybody


(Oh Get Bloody! Whoa!)

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