Billie Eilish Admits This Celebrity Was Her First-Ever Lock Screen

Billie Eilish had the honor of interviewing Lana Del Rey for Interview Magazine.

At the very beginning of their chat, Billie admits that’s she’s freaking out because she’s such a fan of Lana Del Rey and includes that she was her first-ever lock screen on her phone.

On top of that tidbit, another highlight from their interview included Billie confiding in Lana how haters on TikTok affect her self-image:

I keep scrolling and I’m thinking, “Billie, put your phone away. You’re getting tired.” Then I swipe to the next one and it’s a video with millions of likes and it’s something about how I’m a horrible person. And all these comments are like, “I’m so glad that you guys are seeing through her.” And I’m like, “Damn.”

Lana comforted her saying,

I’ve never read anything crazy about you until, of course, anytime dating comes into the picture, that’s whenever things get crazy for me, but then it goes away. But I always felt like there’s just such a warmth there between you and your family. It just made me feel like you’ve got that shield.

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