Billie Joe Armstrong has been around the showbiz circuit for a long time.

Green Day’s racked up a sizable collection of Grammys…

They’ve toured the world multiple times…

And “American Idiot” was even on Broadway for several years.

(And Billie even stepped into the leading role for a few shows!)

Now, the musician says he might want to get back into acting…

While Armstrong was on the Late Late Show with James Corden last night…

James asked him if he’d ever be interested in getting back into acting.

“I like thinking of myself as a decent B-Movie actor or something… I wanna do things like be on The Young and the Restless or do a soap opera”

James cut in to remind Billie Joe that he actually knows people who are involved in those shows…

(The Late Late Show is actually on the floor above where some of those Soaps are taped)

And he’d love to hook up with the right people to make it happen!

Corden is quite the accomplished dramatist himself

It wouldn’t be the first time a Rock and Roll star was on a Soap!

Rick Springfield famously took a turn as Dr. Noah Drake on General Hospital

That’s definitely something to look forward to when the quarantine ends!

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