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California Cooking with Marc Acton – Easter Herb Encrusted Rack of Lamb!

Lamb is one of my family’s favorite things to make for Easter Brunch. Grilling a rack of lamb can sound intimidating – but it’s really not! Let me show you how simple and delicious this Herb Encrusted Grilled Rack of Lamb is to make.

The first thing I do is head to Raley’s to get a great rack of lamb and fresh herbs. All you need for this recipe is the rack, rosemary, thyme, mint, garlic, lemon zest, salt and pepper, and olive oil.

Chop equal parts of your herbs and toss them into a large bowl. Then add the salt and pepper and lemon zest to the mix. Add just enough olive oil so it’s not too watery –  mix it together. You want a paste like texture. Now place the rack in the bowl and cover the entire thing with the herb mix your just made.

Now go turn on your BBQ to high.

Make sure to cover the bones with foil so they don’t burn and char. Once your BBQ has been hot for about 15 mins place the fat side of the rack on the grill for 5 mins. You want a good sear. After the 5 mins is up flip the rack on the grill and leave it alone for about 13 – 15 mins. If you have a thicker cut of meat it might take longer. Use a meat thermometer to tell the exact temp. Rack of lamb should be more on the rare to medium rare side so you’ll want to take it off with the temp reads 120. Once you get it off the grill loosely cover it in foil for about 8 mins and then slice it up and enjoy!

Happy Easter!!! – Marc Acton  

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