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New California proposal gives dogs and cats legal rights

California isn’t an easy place for people to live.

But it’s even harder for your four legged friends.

A new proposal in the California Legislature could change that!

According to KTLA, Los Angeles Representative Miguel Santiago’s new proposal is being called “The Dog And Cat Bill of Rights.”

If it becomes law, the bill gives your pets multiple rights, such as the rights to nutritious food, appropriate exercise, healthcare…

And also freedom from neglect and abuse.

Rep Santiago explains:

“Our dogs and cats deserve to be loved, and cared for, and the Dog and Cat Bill of Rights will help inform potential adopters of the care needed to create a healthy environment for their adopted pets.”

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Animal rights groups have lauded the bill, calling it a much-needed step towards uplifting the conversation around pets’ rights.

One of the bill’s co-sponsors, the Animal Rights Advocacy group Social Compassion in Legislation says:

“Dogs and cats have the right to be respected as sentient beings that experience complex feelings that are common among living animals while being unique to each individual”

Assembly Bill 1881 also requires public rescue groups and animal associations to conspicuously post the Bill of Rights, or pay a $250 fine.

The only thing missing from the bill?

A provision stopping landlords from discriminating against certain breeds of dogs.

Finding an affordable place that allows pets is one of the biggest barriers to entry for Bay Area pet owners.

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