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We’re going CAMPING together as a GROUP for the FIRST TIME EVER. So instead of Morgan Wallen’s “Last Night” it’s Young Jeffrey’s “Camp Site.”

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Campsite, Nature is Calling us…
Like the Oregon Trail, except we won’t die of Cholera!
Kids think they’ll do’ TIK TOK Dances out in the Wilderness
But I ain’t got the heart to tell em, Woods don’t got internet
No Flushing toilets nearby…
Grab Two Sticks,
Rubbin’ em together, Til I HURT my Wrist!
Feelin’ like the world’s worst arsonist
I’m speakin’ Gen-Z, cuz this fire is Lit!

And You, You feel so good outside
And I feel just like Bear Grylls,
Just minus all the Grit & Survial Skills!

Here at our Campsite, Big Patch of dirt & rocks…
Don’t need fancy sofas, we’ll just SIT on these Fallen Logs!
Only Took Me six & a half hours to set the tent!
I cursed that Devil canvas straight to Hell, and restarted it
I’ll Get it Right the 4th Try…

I’ll Pitch a Tent for My Wife…

I swear this is the one time
She likes it Rough,
Roughin’ it for Real, with these paper cups!
Neighbors Nearby seemin’ Nice Enough…
Got “Naked & Afraid” camping next to us!

And I… I Forgot the H-2-0,
I only Brought some Whiskey, Vodka, Wine & 40 Cans of Modelo!

I Hold the flashlight under my chin & talk…
Tell some scary stories while the Campfire Crackle-Pops!
We’ll be Roasting marshmallows and Eat ’em with chocolate!
But Oops, I Got distracted & they turned into Charcoal Bits

And Late into the Night time, we’re gonna turn & toss…
Ain’t No Tempurpedic, on this Mattress of Permafrost
Thought I Heard a bear & now I’m startin’ to Understand
Just why Chris Farley’s angry, Living Riverside in a Van
Wake up Covered in bug bites!
But Scratching ’em feels so nice

I’ll never get this sleeping bag back into it’s sack again…
And Never get the STINK of Campfire out my Jacket, Man!
My Car Left Open all night…
Some Raccoons Got in, and LOVED Right…