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The Loser Line

If you are out at a club and some creeper asks for your number, just give them…

Textual Healing

Brooke & Jeffrey are masters at writing back to text messages and now they are using their…

Shock Collar Question of the Day

Answer Right Or Else You Have To Answer To The Shock Collar

Sage Sings

Jeffrey Has "Sage" Bring Out Her Beautiful Voice For Some Karaoke

Missed Connections

Hear the best (or is it Worst?) entries from Craiglist's Missed Connections section!

Care or Don’t Care

Brooke & Jeffrey decide whether they CARE or DON’T CARE about all kinds of weird topics.

Battle of the Tinder Dates

Two Hopeless Daters With One Dating App That Dares You To Swipe Right

Awkward Tuesday Phone Calls

Stuck in an awkward situation? Brooke & Jeffrey are here to help.

Laser Stories

New Isn't News Without Lasers

Phone Taps

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