You’ve seen countless video of Charlie Puth saying things like “what if there were a song…” and then making songs from sounds he hears in the natural world into full-blown songs.

@charlieputh #stitch with @shawnwasabi ♬ original sound – Charlie Puth

Now it’s becoming a full-blow SHOW. Variety reports that Roku will have an unscripted show possibly called “Charlie Makes A Record.” It’s a working title.

The series will follow Puth as he writes new music and attempts to balance stardom with a regular life… all while “trying to silence the oppressive sense of crippling solitude racing through his head.” The six-episode series is produced by Scout Productions with David Collins, Rob Eric, Renata Lombardo and Michael Williams serving as executive producers alongside Charlie Puth, his sister Mikaela Puth and Ty Stiklorius.

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