If you’ve seen one Hallmark Christmas Movie, you’ve seen them all… Instead of Dua Lipa and Elton John’s “Cold Heart” It’s Young Jeffrey’s “Christmas Tart”



Twas the Christmas Time
In a small town
City Girl has been single…
’til her car broke down

Hallmark Plot
One Hunky dude,
fixes her carburetor, baby…
Made her heart go Vroom!

Cuz she bumped into her ex at the Stop Sign,
who looks like he could model, Calvin Klein,
His former wife, she passed a while ago…
Oh, Ho Ho Ho!
Now homegirl gon’ be swoopin’ in
While snowed inside his log cabin!

His part-time job,
making horseshoes,
Choppin’ wood with his shirt off, daily…
And helping orphans too

But his family farm, has fallen on hard times,
Gonna need a, miracle to pay their fines,
She’s gotta plan that almost NEVER fails!
Christmas, Bake-Sale!
Play the baking montage for me,
Using his old Wife’s Recipe!

“Christmas Tart”
Helps set the Mood
Lady & the Tramp, that Pastry
2 Tongues, 1 Spoon!
Om nom! Nom nom!

As she’s driving to the Airport, to catch her Flight
She tells the driver, that she’s changed her mind
She loves a man she met 3 days ago!
Quit work, move home!
And money hasn’t Mattered since…
Her boyfriend found out he’s a Prince!

90s Stars
With broken hearts
True love starts
With Christmas Tarts

(Ho ho! Ho ho!)