Did Lewis Capaldi Leak His Own Song?

Lewis Capaldi might be starting a new segment on his TikTok where he “leaks” his own demos to the public. The quotes are for the fact that he’s probably just kidding about his label going crazy for him posting. He even makes note of that in the video caption.

Peep this new (maybe?) song he’s bopping too with a hook “It’s a little too late to tell you that, babe.”

@lewiscapaldiMY LABEL WILL GO CRAZY IF THEY SEE I’VE LEAKED THIS (they wont)♬ original sound – Lewis Capaldi

After posting, he got some comments about how the “leaked” song was better than one he actually did release. Here was his snarky response:

I love it when ppl prefer demos I have no intention of releasing to songs I spend so much time recording, releasing and promoting.

@lewiscapaldi Replying to @Stephanie Simmonds ♬ original sound – Lewis Capaldi

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