If you can’t be with your dad this Father’s Day weekend because of coronavirus, or because he’s no longer with us or any other reason, there are still a few ways to celebrate him.

  1. Donate or volunteer to a charity. If your dad was passionate about a charity, volunteer your time or make a donation.
  2. Go to a place he liked or do something you two always did together. From going to a specific restaurant or a park, find some time to enjoy an activity you and your dad did together.
  3. Enjoy your dad’s favorite food or drinks! 
  4. Create something in his memory. You can plant trees or a flowers, anything symbolic to you that you can revist every Father’s Day.
  5. Reach out to other Dad-like figures in your life.

What will you be doing to celebrate Father’s Day this year?

Sources via KSAT.com / Romper.com

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