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Dr. Dre Could Lose Millions If Super Bowl Halftime Is Canceled

With many big events getting postponed, moved or canceled, questions remain about whether the Super Bowl halftime show can go on without a hitch.

Dr. Dre is putting together a spectacular show with huge stars like Eminem, Snoop, Kendrick Lamar, and Mary J. Blige. Sources with direct knowledge tell TMZ, Dre is fronting most of the money necessary to pull off the event and it’s in the millions.

Dre has Event Cancellation Insurance to cover any calamity that might derail the halftime show EXCEPT FOR COVID. So if that’s the reason it’s canceled, he’s out of luck.

Now that said, the chances of it being canceled aren’t high as the Super Bowl is set for February 13th, and experts are cautiously optimistic the cases will peak this month.

Even if there’s a continued surge of cases and the crowds are either scaled back or even eliminated, the game will happen because of all the money it makes. The other possibility is that the game could be moved to somewhere like Dallas.


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