Ed Sheeran’s new collab with Antytila is here!

And as brilliant as the remix is, there’s something even more striking about it…

It was filmed on the front lines in Ukraine.

According to the BBC, it was a pretty precarious situation for the band.

In between the bombings, the shootouts, and the fighting in and around Borodyanka, a city to the west of Ukraine’s capitol, Kyiv…

They still had to find time to write.

The lyrics roughly translate to:

“The sirens interrupted our sleep, all the past in two bags
And then go go, you take the wheel, into unknown
I have to muster the nerves, and don’t tear me apart
I’m staying here to breathe the smoke
And the last scent of Dior with it
I remember, you wanna go to Rome
But all is leading to that firlsty to Crimea, do some actions here
No one get away with it

Stressful morning caught us like in drama series
For months we’re characters (heroes) there and we’re producers
The story’s burning, how many missiles more
Darling, I promise, when everything’s over
We’ll be dancing so slow
And I’ll kiss you where is love-love-love
Again and again, wait for me, when everything’s over
We’ll fall into this flow
I’ll kiss you where is love-love-love
Again and again, wait for me, when everything’s over”

The lead singer for Antytila, Taras Topolya, said much of their contribution was created in-between the fighting.

“In our current circumstances it was really challenging to write and record Ukrainian lyrics to Ed’s song. In addition to this, Bobina Records studio, where we used to record our own songs, was under russian scumd’ occupation. But thanks to Maksym Syvolap, our friend, irreplaceable co-author and arranger of many songs, we succeeded to do our part”

According to the BBC, Topolya is currently serving as a medic in Ukraine.

“It has already raised awareness about the situation in Ukraine and this process is continuing… I am very glad a famous singer supports Ukrainians.”

In the video’s official description on YouTube, it says all proceeds raised through purchasing the song will go to Music Saves UA.

Read more on this story at BBC.com

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