Since the coronavirus has spread, it has taken the lives of many people – including plenty of grocery store employees.

Labor experts and union representatives are proposing a ban for customers to NOT enter a grocery store / supermarket. Instead, shoppers can pick-up their groceries instead of going inside a store to shop.

President of the United Food and Commercial Workers’ union, Marc Perrone finds many shoppers are not practicing social distancing, which is “probably the biggest threat” for essential retail workers at the moment.

John Logan, Local professor at San Francisco State University / Director of Labor and Employment Studies, thinks its time for grocery stores to shut its doors to the public and offer curbside pickup instead.

According to Seth Harris, former secretary of labor during the Obama administration says that this idea of not letting customers shop inside grocery stores isn’t realistic,

“We have no choice. They have to stay open. [America’s grocery] delivery system has not matured to the point where we can switch to an entirely remote system.”

How have you been shopping for your essentials? In-person, delivery, curbside pick-up?


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