Reusable face masks have been a big part of our lives lately and people are still making some mistakes when using them.

You’d think that all of us would be experts on the subject, but you’d be surprised.

Here are some mistakes you or others might still be making when it comes to reusable face masks.

  1. Using the wrong material.
  2. Putting on a mask TOO LATE. Ideally, you should be wearing your mask before you leave the house or before you get out of the car. You definitely want to put one on too before you walk into a store.
  3. Taking your mask off TOO EARLY. You probably should leave it on until you get home or at least to the car.
  4. Touching your mask or wearing it around your neck could ACCIDENTALLY CONTAMINATE IT. So avoid touching the mask!
  5. Never washing your mask. If possible, the masks should be used with the most hottest setting. If you only wear the mask once in ahwile, you can try and let it sit in a bag for one week to make sure any virus on it dies.

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