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There’s so many things to do, but when football is on, they all fall by the wayside. Instead of Kelly Clarkson’s “Since U Been Gone” it’s Young Jeffrey’s “Football Is On!”

I’m getting wed, to my best friend
Said my vows, with one AirPod in…
Yeah, Yeah
Cuz Football is On…

My Pregnant wife, she screams “It’s Time!”
“Chill out Babe, Jets are on the Goal Line”
Hold It In…
Game’s Nearly Done

When I’m at my daughter’s Grade School Play
She thinks I’m filming her Debut
But I’m really streaming Eagles-Saints

Cuz Football is On!!!
I Asked my Dentist if there’s WIFI???
I’ll Get drilled, as I Watch! YEAH, YEAH!
Got BAD News, I Was Fired
But Even Worse…
My Football Team Lost

Sunday Mass, with Pastor Sean…
In the Pews, with my Jersey On
Say a Prayer
“Convert 4th & Long!”

Just Wanna lock myself in my man cave
Stick my body to the couch with glue
But instead I had a Big Court Date

Same time as Kick-Off?!
On the Stand, I Checked the Score Twice
The Judge was Really Ticked off! Yeah, Yeah,
he said: “Don’t Check Them Again…”
But I Balked…
Touchdown Seahawks

During Romance, I blew it
When I Cheered, she knew why!
Five’s a Crowd, I must Admit It
Terry & Jimmy & Howie are my Sister Wives!

NO, Honey, I wasn’t Watching the game over your Shoulder… I didn’t even notice it was 23 SECONDS left in Overtime, 3rd & 8, No Timeouts, Only 7 yards to field goal range… I was paying attention to you!

I’m Sad Grandma’s Gone!
But the wake is during Game Time
My Foam Finger On! Wahhh, Yeah!
Gram it’s True
Thought you’re Dead, You’re still number one!

The Season only lasts a short while
Maybe 5 to 6 months! YEAH! YEAH!
Interviews, I’m Gonna Check (WHATS THE SCORE?!)
CPR… Stop! I Gotta Check!
The Sport that I LOVE…

Cuz Football is on…
Yea, Football is on…
My Precious Football is On

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