Gold Checks On Twitter Could Cost $1,000 Per Month?

Is there anything worse than paying for verification on Twitter? Maybe… But probably not.

When Twitter rolled out paid verification in late 2022, you could buy your fancy blue checkmark. However, established businesses would get a gold checkmark, so you can still recognize who’s “notable” on the platform. On top of that, you can hover over the checks when you’re on a profile and see whether it’s a legacy checkmark which is said to go away with time or a paid subscriber.

But NOW Variety says that Twitter may start requiring businesses to pay $1,000 per month to maintain their gold checkmark status. They shared a tweet from Matt Navarra, a social media consultant with a legacy blue check:

Will it work? Will businesses go for an extra grand every month? Why would anyone want to pay for a checkmark on Twitter, be it blue or gold? Because it might make them money! YouTube, Instagram, and TikTok are examples of platforms that allow you to make money from the engagement on your posts already. #monetization

Elon Musk tweeted out that subscribers to Twitter Blue would be eligible for a revenue share for the ads that pop up in their tweets’ replies.

It will be interesting to see what kind of money those people make monthly compared to their $8 paid to Twitter monthly.

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