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Hank the Tank, Lake Tahoe Bear, exonerated for break-ins

Hank the Tank seemed guilty.

He was spotted all over South Lake Tahoe last summer.

And after 33 break-ins in the past few months, the jury was out:

Hank needed to be stopped.

But new evidence has come to light that may absolve the 500lb ursine of his many wrongdoings.

According to KTVU, the California Department of Fish and Wildlife has found unique DNA evidence that points to a new culprit.

There are apparently THREE different black bears responsible for the break-ins.

So Hank doesn’t bear responsibility.

“Considering new evidence suggesting multiple bears are responsible for recent incidents, CDFW will work in coming weeks and months to trap bears in the South Lake Tahoe area, tag them, collect evidence for genetic analysis, and then release them into suitable habitat.”

Or, at the very least, FULL responsibility.

“CDFW is not going to euthanize any bears that are trapped during this effort.”

Earlier this week, authorities expressed concern over what appeared to be the actions of a single bear.

They worried if it really WAS Hank breaking into all of those homes…

He had become “extremely habituated.”

And thus could pose a dangerous threat to the community.

As SFGate originally reported, authorities became inundated with angry calls complaining about Hank:

“They’re being inundated with aggressive callers, taking away from their ability to handle actual emergency calls.”

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