Happy National GARLIC Day! 🧄 The Gilroy Garlic Festival is On 🧄
Close up of purple garlic bunch

Today is National Garlic Day… and who doesn’t love garlic?   It’s one of most aromatic and delicious herbs known to man, and it’s ancient!  Garlic is an antioxidant making it super healthy for the immune system.  It’s also known to help with blood pressure and cholesterol levels. It’s great for skin health, circulation, autoimmune diseases, thyroid, and so much more!  It’s like the perfect tiny bundle of goodness.

We can look forward to the Gilroy Garlic Festival this summer, it’ll be the weekend of July 23rd -25th at Christmas Hill Park.  Of course, things are subject to change with Covid.  But it’s full steam ahead, and you can buy tickets now!

Remember, garlic also keeps blood suckers away — like mosquitos and VAMPIRES.  Always have it handy. 🧄✌️


Photo: Alpha Media Library

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