Harry Styles isn’t officially on TikTok.

New evidence suggests he’s on the platform unofficially.

Some eagle-eyed fans are convinced he’s using an obscure account with only 6 videos.

According to TikTok user @alltehlovesoph, the account “@suemonella” may be Harry incognito.

@allthelovesoph Is suemonella really Harry? #OneDirection #HarryStyles ♬ original sound – sophie ×͜×

In her first video, @allthelovesoph notes the first obvious clue:

The Spotify plaques congratulating someone on 1 Billion streams.

If you watch closely, there’s even a moment where the camera slides across a stack of paper with the words:

“Harry Styles”


And underneath, it says “Shoot date: 24/02/22”


It turns out, there’s even more evidence!

A few of the accounts “@suemonella” follows suspiciously feel like plants:

@allthelovesoph Reply to @allthelovesoph omg Mitch and Sarah?!!! #OneDirection #HarryStyles ♬ original sound – sophie ×͜×

At the time of this writing, the account has over 500 thousand followers and nearly every video has over 1 million views.

According to the Sun, Harry was recently spotted in London filming a new music video.

The Sun quotes an anonymous insider who says:

“What they’re planning is pretty ambitious… he has enlisted the brains behind his Watermelon Sugar video to shoot it.”

Adding all the evidence together paints a pretty clear picture.

Harry Styles could be releasing his 3rd album very soon!

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