Harry Styles sent the One Direction fanbase into a frenzy after he wore a One Direction t-shirt while working out.

One Twitter user commented on the photo and tweeted, “Highlight of 2023 already,” while a second said: “I’M IN TEARS CRYING SOBBING ON THE FLOOR.”

Styles later deleted the mirrored selfie. The selfie comes just after former One Direction member Louis Tomlinson revealed he would be open to reuniting with his bandmates.

“I’d say one day [we’ll do something together”], Tomlinson said. “There’s a lot of moving parts, but it’d be a shame if we didn’t. It would be a shame if we didn’t.” Zayn Malik also sparked some One Direction reunion rumors of his own.

Don’t tease us like that Harry!

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Do you think One Direction will have a comeback moment?

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