If you’ve ever thought Harry Styles would be the perfect person to lullaby you to sleep.

You’re going to get your chance!


According to UPI, Harry has teamed up with the Calm app.

Calm teased the collaboration over the weekend with a fittingly cryptic Tweet:

The Tweet, with just 5 Emojis, seemed to be hinting: “Watermelon, Sleep, Book (read), Soon, Bed”

Or, as a rough translation: “Watermelon Sugar (Harry Styles) reads a bedtime story”

After a wild whirlwind of fan theories ripped through social media, the app confirmed the collaboration on Monday:

The project, titled Harry Styles: Dream With Me will be released this Wednesday.

While little is known of the project, UPI notes that Harry and the rest of his former bandmates (yes, including Zayn) had previously taken turns reading their autobiography Who We Are.

So obviously, Harry’s got the chops to pull it off.

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