Have you found yourself cooking more during the Coronavirus outbreak? Well, you aren’t alone.

People are using their kitchens more and are eating at home these days.

A new study was conducted by Hunter.com showing how Americans have changed their cooking and eating habits during this crisis we’re dealing with and here’s what they found,

  • 54% of Americans are cooking more from home. 46% of them are baking more.
  • 61% of us have looked up recipes to make easy meals. 60% looked up ways to use specific ingredients in meals.
  • 57% of Americans saying they are wasting food during shelter-in-place.
  • Those spending a lot of time in the kitchen lately are much more confident in their cooking skills.
  • Parents and kids are eating more snacks during the day.
  • Those who are cooking more said they will continue their cooking at home habits once the lockdown is over.

Here’s a question that’s been on our mind: Have Americans been eating healthier? It’s a yes and no answer for that one. Apparently, 39% of people mentioned that their diets have improved, but 40% said they have counted on their favorite snacks and different types of comfort food to help get through the pandemic.

Have you made any changes to your eating habits during this time?

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