One of Disney’s most popular theme park rides is getting called out for its long lasting controversy.

As the battle to end racism and inequality continues, people are now putting a spotlight on the problematic themes and origin’s of Disney’s Splash Mountain ride.

Splash Mountain takes its inspiration from the film, Song of the South which was set in Georgia after the Civil War. The movie included many racist tones and stereotypes.

Disney’s chairman Bob Iger mentioned that the company was slowly distancing themselves from the film, saying that it was “just not appropriate in today’s world” and that you will never find the film on Disney+.

One of the petitions on suggests that Disney should change the ride’s theme to the 2009 film, The Princess and the Frog.

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The petition insists that the ride be replaced with a theme that celebrates and embraces Black culture and also points out that Tiana, Disney’s first Black princess doesn’t have her own ride or attraction at the park.

Disney has not made any comments about the petitions.

Would you like to see Splash Mountain redesigned?

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