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Here’s What to do if You Don’t Want to Watch the Super Bowl

I’ll be honest with you. Once the 9ers lost I was instantly over football season. For the first year in a long time I don’t have Super Bowl plans. I’ve said no to a few parties and told a few others, “I’ll see how I feel that day.”  I’m just kinda over it. My son has a flag football game in the morning on Sunday but after that we have no plans. And I love it! I’ve been feeling really burnt out lately and the prospects of a chill Sunday afternoon look amazing. But, what do we do?

Initially I was thinking we can get a ton of errands done when there will be no traffic and no lines anywhere. But, that sounds like work. So, here’s my list of things that I might do instead of watching the sports on Sunday. I hope you can do some of these too!

Take a nap.

Drink a few local beers to celebrate SF Beer Week.

Workout and do a yoga sesh.

Go to the beach. Either Half Moon Bay or Pescadero.

Do some yard work. It’s going to be perfect weather for this!

Take another nap.

Take a hike. Maybe Mission Peak?

Read a book.

Try a new restaurant (one that doesn’t have a TV in it)

Maybe take a nap.

Go to SF or Oakland Zoos.

Drive along the coast. Traffic should be great!

Try a new recipe. I want to make crab stuffed jalapeño poppers wrapped in bacon!

Drink a beer and take a nap!!!


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