With Thanksgiving just right around the corner, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention have put together a list of things we normally do on Thanksgiving and how risky those activities can be during the pandemic.

Low-risk activities:

  • Having a small dinner with people in your household.
  • Bringing people food, with no-contact.
  • Watching football or parades from home.
  • Shopping online instead of in person.

Moderate-risk activities:

  • Having a small, outdoor dinner with few friends and family members.
  • Being outside in small groups if you decide to social distance.
  • Attending a small outdoor sporting even if there are safety precautions enforced.

High-risk activities:

  • Large indoor gatherings.
  • Shopping in crowded areas.
  • Going to big party.
  • Drinking alcohol, since it can mess with your judgement and might make you less likely to social distance.

How are you spending Thanksgiving this year?

Read more from the CDC at CDC.gov

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