Hollister is hoping to become a lot more bike friendly.

But what was supposed to be a slick, modern design…

Is actually… pretty confusing.

According to KSBW, Ladd Lane in Hollister used to look like a total mess.

And now…

It still looks like a total mess.

The zig-zagging, curvy lanes are by design.

Initially, the city planned to add obstructions and bike lanes to help alleviate issues along the road.

The idea was to hinder folks who planned to use the road like a racetrack.

KSBW quotes Hollister mayor Ignacio Velasquez:

“Basically, it just comes down to the contractor. Somebody didn’t read the plans correctly… It was not designed to look very odd.”

The initial plan was to make the lines slightly curved.

Probably something similar to the way Palo Alto’s Ross Road weaves in and out around “curved extensions” and bike lanes.

The city says they plan to completely re-paint the lanes in the coming weeks.

South Bay Garlic Festival to be revived… in Stockton

A few months ago, the Garlic Festival Association organizers said the cost of insuring the space, plus pandemic woes, forced them to cancel this year’s event.

With the potential of it happening in the future in doubt as well.

But not everyone is ready to say goodbye to the beleaguered event just yet.

According to KTVU, the San Joaquin Asparagus Festival, along with the Noceti Group, said they plan to revive the Garlic Fest:

A Facebook post from the San Joaquin Asparagus Festival, May 1st at 6:13 AM: "We heard the extremely sad news that the Gilroy Garlic Festival will not be holding their annual big Garlic festival. We just couldn’t let that happen! The Noceti Group is thrilled to announce we will be hosting the Garlic Festival this year. More details to come soon! Stay tuned!"

The San Joaquin Asparagus Festival claims they’re planning to host the Garlic Festival in 2022.

The stipulation, of course, is that it would happen in Stockton, and not in Gilroy.

Unfortunately, this is news to the Garlic Festival Association in Gilroy.

Ken Christopher, one of the Festival organizers, said no one from the Noceti Group has been in contact with their organization.

Christopher shared his skepticism with KTVU:

“It looks like the Noceti group, at best, is ignorantly trying to use a news cycle to promote a future Stockton-based garlic event, and at worst, is using the national press surrounding my grandfather’s and my hometown’s legacy to self-promote”

He explained the Noceti Group’s attempt to revive the Garlic Festival, without working with or consulting their Association “is malicious.”

Noceti, of course, is claiming the opposite:

“I spoke to some of the people that (have) worked with the garlic festival in the past. But I guess there are some higher ones up the ladder that are a little upset. Maybe they should call me. Because I’m more than happy to work with people”

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