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How To Make Yourself Feel Better When You’re in a Bad Mood

Sometimes a bad mood can ruin your day, and make the people around you miserable.  So a new study found out the top things that people do to make themselves feel better when they’re grumpy.   Try these before your day is ruined!

  1.  Eat something – preferably sweets!
  2.  Take a hot bath.
  3. Distract yourself with a TV show or book.
  4. Cook something or bake.
  5. Breathe deeply or meditation.
  6. Clean you place
  7. Exercise
  8. Go outside for fresh air
  9. Talk it out with a friend
  10. Hang out with your pet and PLAY!

If these things don’t work – there’s always a stiff DRINK, that was #11.




Photo: Alpha Media Library

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