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Partying on Cinco De Mayo looks a little bit different these days… Instead of Coldplay’s “Viva La Vida” it’s Young Jeffrey’s “Just One Margarita!”

I used to go berserk,
Tequila shots til my words were slurred…
Now every Cinco, I drink Patron
a couple sips, then I Uber home

(Ooooo, Honey they have $14 Dollar Spicy Micheladas Here!
Let’s Split One though, I don’t want to get a headache!
Bartender! One Michelada, Two Glasses Por Favor! Thank you

I Used to rage all night
Inside a room full of Laser Lights…
Just dirty dancing in a sweaty sea
Where it’s 400 over capacity
But now, I party while I sit
In a wine bar, that’s candle-lit
They play “La Bamba” on a baby grand…
Went from Pumpin’ my fist, to tappin my hand!

You’d find me out in the alley, peein’
Freind would rally Me, after heavin’
3 more bars & then Fourth meal
Drunk Girls doing a Cart Wheel
Crashed on sofas at my friend’s place
Broke my falls, using only my face
Now I’m more matured
So after 9, I get Tired

Hey, What’s Your Name?
What’s Your Name?
I Asked What Your Name is…
I don’t wear braces!

Was doin’ body shots for the thrills…
Now i pre-game with some Advil Pills
No stayin’ out until the break of dawn
I’ll be hoppin’ in bed, when Jeopardy’s on
My hangovers would last a day…
And now they linger ’til well past May
Swear I’m never gonna Never drink Again…
At least not til brunch, at 1pm…

I used to worry the bouncer would read me
Now I’m Flattered when they I.D. me
Atmosphere is a bit surreal
Country dive bar, with a Mexi Feel?
Sooo many white people in this place…
Looks more like Cinco De Mayo-naise
And so i left, for sure
Half an hour’s all i could endure

We’re gonna be home in time to put out the Recycling! Awesome!


I used to Party so wild & free tho
Like Spring Break on an MTV Show
Now I keep it a little cleaner
Limit Myself to one Margarit’er
No more hearin’ drunk girls complain…
Bout an ex-boyfriend with a “J” First Name…
Now that I’m Older…
This One Corona, I’m gonna Nurse

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