Pokemon is one of those franchises that just can’t stop won’t stop.

Since 1996, it’s been a cultural force influencing generations of gamers and non-gamers alike.

From the successful anime, the massively popular video game series, and the omni-present merchandising…

It almost rivals the House of Mouse in the cultural zeitgeist.

It’s even made its way into the Beiber household.

According to ComicBook.com, Biebs grew up right in the middle of it.

And over the years, he’s amassed quite the collection.

Specifically, of Pokemon cards.

He might not have caught ’em all, but there are some seriously rare gems in there.

Several cards are “graded” — meaning hot collectors items.

Stuff like a Dark Raichu, a holographic Chubby Pikachu, and several from the Johto era.

ComicBook notes that while Bieber doesn’t boast any of the MOST rare cards (First Edition Charizard, for example, is a notoriously rare find), it’s still an incredible collection.

It would even make Ash Ketchum nervous!

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