Justin Timberlake had a great time answering questions from little kids, as part of his promotion of Trolls World Tour, and he had some surprising answers!  Staying safe at home with Jessica and his 5-year old Silas,  he took video questions, and a 7-year old named Axel had a good one. He asked Justin what his favorite childhood toy was, and Justin revealed it was his Cabbage Patch Kid!!  He said, “I carried that doll with me everywhere.”  (Too bad he didn’t specify which one it was!)

A 10-year old, Dahlia, asked him what makes him as happy as (Anna Kendrick’s character) Poppy, and it was all about food.  He answered, “Ice cream, I think we can all agree on that. Pizza, pancakes… I’m basically just naming everything that I’ve been eating since we’ve all been staying in our homes.”  He added, “And my son. When he is happy, I am happy.”

Trolls World Tour will be available on-demand this Friday.  It’s an adventure in travel and music for Poppy and Branch.  They visit other Troll lands where each has their own kind of music, like country, techno, classical, funk and rock.


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