Lil Baby has a no-nonsense security team.

And an incident at a recent show proves he can trust them to handle just about anything.

Including fans who suddenly rush the stage.

According to Complex, Lil Baby was performing at the Openair Frauenfeld Festival in Switzerland over the weekend.

In the middle of his set, a fan rushed the stage.

Right as the person got within arms-length of the rapper, security was on the case.

And straight-up YEETED the guy off the front.

Video via TMZ

The man barreled head-first into the barricade.

Immediately after the incident, the “In A Minute” rapper stopped the show to assess the situation.

The crowd begins chanting, until Lil Baby motions for them to cut it out.

He looked down at the man in the space between the stage and the crowd and asked:

“You alright?”

This continues for several moments, while everyone assesses the situation.

No word on whether or not the fan was injured.

Ed Sheeran feat. Lil Baby, Antytila “2Step”

Lil Baby was featured on Ed Sheeran’s most recent remix of his song “2Step.”

The song also features prominent Ukrainian performers Antytila.

And as brilliant as the remix is, there’s something even more striking about it…

It was filmed on the front lines in Ukraine.

According to the BBC, it was a pretty precarious situation for the band.

In between the bombings, the shootouts, and the fighting in and around Borodyanka, a city to the west of Ukraine’s capitol, Kyiv…

They still had to find time to write.

The lead singer for Antytila, Taras Topolya, said much of their contribution was created in-between the fighting.

“In our current circumstances it was really challenging to write and record Ukrainian lyrics to Ed’s song. In addition to this, Bobina Records studio, where we used to record our own songs, was under russian scumd’ occupation. But thanks to Maksym Syvolap, our friend, irreplaceable co-author and arranger of many songs, we succeeded to do our part”

According to the BBC, Topolya is currently serving as a medic in Ukraine.

“It has already raised awareness about the situation in Ukraine and this process is continuing… I am very glad a famous singer supports Ukrainians.”

In the video’s official description on YouTube, it says all proceeds raised through purchasing the song will go to Music Saves UA.

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